Decisions, Decisions...

"Decisions, Decisions..."

I'm happy to announce the release of a brand new original print for the Chuck Jones Gallery, celebrating 75 years of Bugs Bunny! How large a closet would someone need to hold all those iconic costumes, I wonder? 

Each print is signed and numbered on gallery wrapped canvas. This print is limited to an edition of 75, so get one while you can. Click here for more info.

The Chuck Jones Gallery, has also created a limited edition print of my previous piece High Culture Hare. The edition is limited to 75, so get your orders in quick!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, and keep an eye out for more prints in the near future.




My latest piece for Gallery 1988's upcoming "Clue" group show. I just can't resist making a dumb joke, especially in painting form.

The show opens Friday June 26th, and is going to feature a ton of  great artists. Come by and say hi.


High Culture Hare...

"High Culture Hare"

This was my submission to this year's Red Dot auction, at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Looney Tunes cartoons were where I heard my first taste of classical music, opera, and Shakespeare. Everything I new about "High Culture" as a kid, I learned from Bugs Bunny. 

I took a quick photo of this piece once a day as I was working on it and strung together a little process gif. Pretty neat, eh?

By the way, a big thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Red Dot auction, it was an amazing show, and you all helped raise money for a great cause.

Update: This piece is now available as a Limited Edition Print from ChuckJones.com! Get yours while you can!


Red Dot Auction...

I'm excited to announce that I have a piece in this year's Red Dot Auction, a fundraiser benefitting the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

The official auction starts this Friday, but you can get a sneak peak at the artwork now and even place a bid! Check out the show here.

Because of the rules of this auction, I can't tell you which piece is mine, but I'm sure a few of you might be able to guess.

After These Messages...

"After These Messages..."

This Friday, Gallery 1988 presents Idiot Box! A celebration of all things television.

My submission for this amazing show is a love letter to some of my favorites cartoons. I tried to work as many little nods in as I could, some of them a little more overt than others.

Fun fact, The Ninja Turtles were the first thing I ever learned to draw. It's kind of amazing that it took me this long to work one into a painting.

The show is guaranteed to be fantastic, and I urge you all to drop by the gallery and see the amazing work for yourselves.



"Greetings from the land of Ooo"

I just completed my new piece for Gallery 1988's upcoming Postcard show. Even better, I got to make it about one of my all time favorite shows, Adventure Time! 

It was super fun to try and channel the feel of old school travel postcards and mesh it with the style of Adventure Time. I really dig how the colors came out, it's so crazy vibrant.

The Postcard show is going to be really neat because not only will the original paintings be on display, but each artist is also creating a limited edition postcard run of their piece.

I'll post more info as I get it, but for now enjoy this mathematical new painting.


is this thing on?

"Pug Life"

I got to do a portrait of Ron Funches as a pug, and everything about that makes me happy. 

Gallery 1988's comedian themed show "Is This Thing On?" opens this Friday, February 20th, and it is going to be great. Gallery 1988 always puts on an amazing show, and all of the work I've seen so far has been spectacular.